Women in Africa and the Diaspora

“I was taught how to be like mama, to be like grandma, to be like aunty. i was given the blueprint and manual for being a woman. while i was given all of those directions, i was never asked how i wanted to be. i was never asked if i wanted to be married, if i wanted to have children, if i wanted to wear dresses, if i wanted to do hair and learn to sew in order to be seen as a lady. i was never asked because i was told. all of these things were expected from me. this is the reality for many women. from birth, we are assigned duties. our roles are already etched out for us before we can utter our first word. it starts with the color pink. then it is playing house where you are the stay at home mom and the boys are working. then it is mama telling you “no, girls do not do that.” we are placed into a box and we dare not create any other shapes from that box.”
Bilphena Yahwon; “Women in Africa and the Diaspora” Columnist

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