sweet indulgence.

I had a lot of fun today 🙂 I went for lunch with Aisha. We talked for a looong time, and took a lot of selfies, AS USUAL! We’ve been friends probably since we were in our Mama’s bellies. I was born 2 weeks after her. Our Mom’s go way back to high school. They lost touch for a while, but when we both moved to Abuja, it happened to be that we lived a street across from each other.

After lunch, we went to Chloe’s and indulged in HELADOOOOOOOOO 🙂 sweet indulgence. Bummer I can’t go to the gym, it’ll just increase my abdominal pains. But, I have to find a way to burn all those calories.
IMG_0642 IMG_0644 IMG_0648 IMG_0671
Then I went to Nabila’s house later on. She lives 2 houses away from me. Its funny how we’re technically neighbours here and in our hometown xD I haven’t seen her all summer till now. I couldn’t stay for long, but Insha Allah we’re meeting up tomorrow. I don’t feel too well now, perhaps its the medication kicking in, fighting all those darn viruses!
I’ll try reading a bit then head to bed.
Until then, Arivideci
M x

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