happy. soy muy feliz hoy :)


Maryam sent me the sweetest message when I uploaded my picture, with me, smiling like a camel, AS USUAL! xD 🐪✌️

” I wonder why its your smile and your smile alone that makes me really happy. You, my friend, are beautiful inside and out. Allah ya barmkin ke so I can always have a reason to be happy. Ameen!!”

Trust me when I say I have some of the most amazing friends ever :’) constantly making me smile and laugh till my tummy hurts. I remember when I was obsessed with Avril Lavigne! Marlee and I made this video once, dancing to a few of her songs. It was just sooooooooooooooo FUNNY! I laugh so hard, to the point where tears come out whenever I watch it!

My arm still hurts : / it always takes the nurses so long to find a vein, and when they do find it, it takes sooo long for them to get enough blood.

So the results should be out in 45 minutes, then Ill go see the doctor so that he can explain, THEN Insha Allah Ill go see Fadz❤️after that, go home and go to Kalthums place later Insha Allah (:

OH HAPPY DAYS. I am really happy today, I wish I could share it with everyone 🙂 #happy #happy #happy


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