wednesday – july – tanjawiyya


You can only imagine how excited I am. Turns out, baba made it to the front page of the tribune today.
Im going through pictures from July. How I miss Tangier! I wish we got to spend more time there. When we went to see our old school, they wouldn’t let us in, because it was closed for summer break.
From the apartment we were staying in, we walked to our old house. It brought back so much nostalgia. You know how most people grow up with a garden in their backyard? Well, for me it was the beach. It was right down our house, so I would always go running down to the beach and play there for endless hours! Our district was called BELLA VISTA ❤ and I couldn’t agree more, our house was somewhat on a hill, so we had a really beautiful view of the beach on Muhammad V Boulevard.
IMG_8204 IMG_8206 IMG_8207 IMG_8228

I laid down the staff of travel in his glorious land, having assured myself after unbiassed [sic] consideration that it is the best of countries, for in it fruits are plentiful, and running water and nourishing food are never exhausted. Few indeed are the lands which unite all these advantages, and well spoken are the poet’s words:

“Of all the lands the West by this token’s the best: Here the full moon is spied and the sun speeds to rest.”

-Ibn Battuta, on his return to Morocco in 1349


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