As kids, we often went to Montevideo with the parents over weekends through out the years. The hotel we always stayed at was right infront of the beach. It reminded me of the days in Tangier a lot!

I was a tomboy as a kid. I remember this one time my uncle came to visit and he said he’d take a picture with his niece, who’s always wearing trousers, and his other niece who’s always wearing skirts (Matushka). I was always roller blading or involved in outdoor sports, but mann did I get bruises all the time! The funny thing is, despite being a tomboy, I had the pink room, while Matushka had the blue one. But we both had beds in eachothers room. So a times we’d sleep in my room, and other times we’d hybernate to Matushka’s room. Wherever it was, we always slept in the same room.

But as we grew older, we realized that we couldn’t sleep in the same room anymore, we became so different and conflicted over almost everything! Even though we all moved to our own rooms, we still have a connecting door 🙂

Alhamdulillah for family 🙂


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