Ignorance is NOT bliss!

I had to share this

”Before turning Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton into celebrities can people please do some policy research from less-biased sources than John Stewart to at least have some idea of what these politicians stand for and have stood for in the past before throwing your blind support to them based off of comedic blurbs?

I’m not saying don’t support them, I’m just saying it would be beneficial for everyone if you could give a better answer to why you support Obama than “because he cares about people” or why you support Hillary than “because it would be cool to have woman president”. On the flip-side, if you vehemently hate these individuals it would be beneficial if you could give more compelling reasons that “Obama hates America” or Hillary “is an idiot”. Education is the key to a successful democratic republic, and even if your blind support leads you to choose the lesser of two evils, it will still cause you to be deceived down the road.

Let’s end the phrase “he seems presidential” and replace it with “he’s qualified to be president”. Let’s end “it’s about time we have a woman president”  and replace it with “it’s about time we have a president like her”. And let’s end this Democrats are inherently good and Republicans are inherently bad mentality I’ve been seeing in our generation (though the opposite Republicans are inherently good and Democrats are inherently bad mentality does exist in the minority of our generation). The truth is, most politicians fall somewhere in the middle between good and bad, so do your research to find out who’s better and who’s worse. I know its daunting because you don’t know who to trust and we’re constantly getting mixed-messages from the media about politics and our government, but that is only all the more reason to try to read as much as possible from as diverse of sources as possible to uncover the truth. And the truth may surprise you, which is perfect because that will lead you to act. And when people act, things can improve. ”


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