Genocide against Palestine

”See, this is the problem. Because most people only have the Holocaust as a frame of reference for genocide, they think if it doesn’t look like the Holocaust then it isn’t a genocide.

Duration, intensity, and number killed does not determine whether something is a genocide. A genocide could take place in a few months, or it could go on for a century. It could involve crude weapons or intricate systems of extermination. Death is not the only measure of genocide, and so long as people are being systematically targeted simply because they are from one racial or ethnic group, can you really put a number on how many people killed is too much?

Destruction and appropriation of culture is a method of genocide. Theft of indigenous water, land, and resources is a method of genocide. Segregation and humiliation is a method of genocide. Concentrating people into densely populated spaces, bombing neighborhoods, flattening power plants, and destroying schools as refugees sleep in them is a method of genocide. Pouring wine down someone’s throat when his religion forbids it while he and his family are stopped at daily checkpoints is a method of genocide. Pouring gas down a boy’s throat and burning him alive is a method of genocide. Funding and producing movies, domestically and abroad, that show one group of people as barbaric, terrorists, homophobic, sexist, uncivilized, backwards, and so on, is a method of genocide.

Israel has been committing genocide against Palestinians for nearly a century. I would argue that they also committed genocide against the Lebanese. The United States committed genocide against the people of Iraq, starting with Clinton. Genocide is being committed against Latin@s in the American South. Genocide is still being committed against Black people, and the prison industrial complex is working hard to continue it. Is it any surprise that police officers from New York to Chicago to LA train in Israel with their finest and best? Is it any surprise that Israel is the largest exporter of drones as the US continues killing children in Pakistan and Yemen? They are one and the same, genocidal settler colonial states from the start.

Genocide is a system of deprivation and destruction that takes on many forms. Anyone that tells you any different is protecting someone, or themselves as they benefit from it.”


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