Another Kennedy Post.


Episode 2 Of The Kennedys Gets To Me Everytime 😪

“We see my brother, we see his smile everywhere and my mother cries for him, and there isn’t a day that goes by, that we don’t think of him. He’ll always be with us.”




I guess by now, you’ve all realized just how much of a Kennedy fan I am! I really want to go to Massachusetts! Get to visit the JFK library. Then hopefully go to Hyannis Port and see the Kennedy Compound 🙂 the mere thought of it excites me a lot!

The thing I love about John F. Kennedy is that despite all the challenges life threw at him, he over came them and became president. He didn’t let his numerous illnesses get in the way, or that, there had never been a Catholic president in the history of America get in his way either. He was determined to become president. All the books I read about him, make me wish I had the honor of meeting him. Although he didn’t live long, he impacted the world in ways he never knew.

Ambition will always be a virtue when it drives us to excel. I guess thats why people will always love JFK. Its been 50 years, but its like he never left.

Arthur Schlesinger Jr once said: “The thing about him was the extraordinary sense he gave to being alive. This makes his death so grotesque and unbelievable. No one had such vitality of personality.”



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