The Pennsylvania Academy Of The Fine Arts


I want to enrol into the Liberal Arts Program.
A liberal arts education arms you with the knowledge and critical thinking skills to explore contemporary art issues. PAFA’s BFA students take classes in art history, art criticism and liberal arts toward the requirements for general education. Artists fuel their artistic development with an intimate knowledge of art history and theory. Artistic inspiration is also found in exploring literature, poetry, history and the sciences. Understanding the traditions of the visual arts, coupled with developing writing and research skills, provides the basis you need to cultivate your personal vision through studio work. 
Learning Goals for the General Education Program in Liberal Arts 
  • Explain the general developments of art history, theory and criticism within the Western tradition, and identify its canonical works.
  • Interpret aspects of and be conversant in major cultural, historical and literary concepts, theories and traditions.
  • Appreciate the merits and values of Western, non-Western and non-dominant cultures; recognize the contributions of non-dominant people groups to the visual arts; and use concepts of identity and cultural diversity to analyze and critique their own and others’ work.
  • Apply scientific and mathematic principles to a career in the visual arts, specifically the analytical techniques of the scientific method and the quantitative techniques necessary for managing one’s business practices.
  • Develop a habit of self-directed critique that exhibits receptivity, comprehension and rigorous analysis of new ideas while creatively synthesizing prior knowledge/skills to produce new/original thoughts, ideas and processes.
  • Develop, articulate, compare, analyze and defend their ideas clearly and persuasively in written and oral modes of communication that express originality and adaptability to a diverse range of audiences/purposes.
  • Write clear, unified, original, well-researched and well-supported essays/artist statements that are appropriately formatted, professionally delivered and free of major grammatical and mechanical errors.
  • Locate information, evaluate it critically for validity and appropriateness, and integrate the results into their work both ethically and legally.
YES PLEASEEEEEEE! I would love to take a summer course here, or come here after college, and spend a year before starting masters. #DREAMBIG #INSHAALLAH #ARTLOVER #PAFA 


Lenfestplaza200px2HLB021PAFA-Exterior-680uwLenfestplaza200px2Lenfest Plaza and Paint Torch WEBIMG_1760_resize-1081x740


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