Optimism is KEY!

Today, I am reminded that, all those bad things that happened to us, they happened for many reasons. It is not worth mentioning and re-telling it again to others UNLESS you haven’t moved on, UNLESS you haven’t forgiven them or having grudges against them, UNLESS you want to be living with prisoners in your own mind. 
Always believe that, they are mere past. They are no longer with you, they have been long gone forever. You just don’t realise it because you haven’t woken up yet. You CHOSE to be in that nightmare. Yes, what happened was bad but we wouldn’t be who we are today because of that very incident, right? Believe that Allah means well for each of us. Have faith in Him that that very chapter of our life could be changed for the better if only we choose to move on. If we choose to move on, we would no longer be stuck in the same page again, having to reread the same story over and over again. Instead, we would be living a completely new life and Insha Allah with a good, beautiful ending. Just because that very good ending has already been promised by Him 🙂
You just need to start believing. That’s all it would take to begin a beautiful journey that is worth taking. The risk is always there but hey, wouldn’t a riskless path make one’s life just boring and without any meaning? So it comes down to two choices. Your physical self may change but your mental self won’t. What’s happening in the physical world will have no meaning if you are mentally stuck in your past. Either you move on or you stay behind. Your choice.

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