Iron Man 3 was the first movie I watched in the trilogy, after watching it, I watched part 1 & 2, and I fell in love with RDJ ❤ 
Azielia was already a huge fan! We’d spam each other with his pictures on whatsapp, and talk about his awesomeness before classes started. That tiny scene at the end of IM3 when RDJ is in the white tux with Gwyneth 😍 MY GOD! Here are some of my favourite quotes from the movie.
“You know what keeps going through my head? Wheres my sandwich?”
“Your guilt tripping me, aren’t you? I can tell. You know how I can tell? Because we’re connected!”
Mandarin Bodyguard: “Don’t shoot! Seriously, I don’t even wanna work for them. They are so weird!” 
Tony Stark: “Mark 42 inbound. The prodigal son has returned. (Mark 42 comes, but hits a pole and breaks into pieces] Whatever.” 
“Break it you buy it! Thats my friend’s little sister’s. It’s limited edition!”
“Is there any difference between you and Tony Stark?” RDJ: “Tony Stark has a little bit more money than me.”
”Tony needs Gary
Gary needs Tony.”
Gwyneth: “He doesn’t like me to wear high heels around him because he doesn’t want me to be taller than him. Because he’s Iron Man.”
” A wise man said: we make our own demons. Whatever happened to him I wish I knew. Bottom line: I said it, because HE did.”
“You should be gone right now. You will be in a pool of blood in five, four, three, come on!” 

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