Its Wednesday tomorrow = my baba’s return Insha Allah 😀
I took a really hot shower earlier, but my body was still cold at the same time. The way my body temperature drops scares me a times. Now Im wearing 2 sweaters and a hoodie, yet Im still cold. Grrrrr! Im always saying I want to live in Russia. But if my body can’t stand the cold from African rain, theres no way it can survive the harsh Russian winters!
My baba works in the election department. I used to think elections were only difficult to conduct in third world countries. But the more I read and watch, Im starting to realise that election fraud is a part of the way society functions. Be it in Europe, the Americas or Asia, its inevitable, except in a few cases. It gets so violent here, whenever my dad is on the job I fear for him, and the scrutiny and harassment his department gets is saddening. I honestly hope that there are a lot of people out there that appreciate the sacrifices that people make to serve their country.
This time around, he was assigned to supervise the guber election in a state in the south, and Alhamdulillah things went smoothly, there wasn’t any post-election violence, Alhamdulillah 🙂 He sent me the speech he gave, and it was simply beautiful! it was wonderfully written, he truly has a gift with words. he never fails to grasp the attention of the audience with his words. Although I was saddened I was wasn’t there to hear the speech, I felt privileged to have read and appreciate it before any of the audience, and for that I am truly grateful. I pray Allah grants him success in this life and the next. From him I inherited my smile, my love for books and a fondness for writing. 
Before I started uni, I was contemplating between majoring in political science or history. While some people told me to go for history, because I didn’t need to study what my baba studied, majority told me to go for political science, because I probably wouldn’t get a good paying job with history. But you see, baba said what ever I decided to major in, he had no doubt that I would excel tremendously. At the end of the day I went for political science, and I absolutely love it! I always come to baba for further explanation and clarification. When I learn something new, Im always so eager to tell him, and we get to debate certain topics. I have all his books to go to for further reference. He told my brother, that he thinks I’ll graduate with a first class degree Insha Allah. What other motivation could I possibly get that beats this? Insha Allah I will study hard, and I will make my baba proud, Insha Allah 😀
I pray that I will continue to be blessed with his presence for many MANY, MANYYYYYYY more years to come Insha Allah. Whoevers reading this, all I ask is that you pray for my father, that he may be happy always.
Alhamdulillah for being a Muslim. Alhamdulillah for my parents and my siblings. Alhamdulillah for those kind strangers who eventually became my friends. 
M x

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