The Grand Budapest Hotel

I Love Wes Anderson’s MOVIES!

The first one I watched was THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS when I was 7 or 8. Its been a favourite of mine ever since. Perhaps its the atmosphere in Buenos Aires, or perhaps it was my school, but from a young age, I became a hipster/indie. Perhaps thats why it was hard for me to fit in when we moved back home. I just felt soo different from my peers, we had such different interests and whatnot. When I’d say something, people would look at me cluelessly, so Im starting to think thats when I started becoming shy. I would often smile and nod politely at people 🙂 oh, and did I mention I have a baby voice, so people would often make fun of my voice or my accent. So that really did shut me up for a while. But after a while, I broke from my shell and became outspoken. But khalas! This post isn’t about me, its about acknowledging Wes Andersons’ brilliance! 


“The Grand Budapest Hotel is the most elegiac of all Anderson’s movies, and the most exquisitely detailed — this is a world of filigreed archways and medallion-patterned carpets, of train compartments paneled in rich woods and little cakes iced with the colors of springtime. Technically, the movie is probably the crowning achievement in Anderson’s HO-scale world, a mass of painstaking details that whisper a sigh of sadness for the loss of the old ways. But can you mourn a lost world if you can’t even breathe? Some people may feel cozy and coddled while they’re watching a Wes Anderson movie, but I always feel that I’ve entered the airless interior of a panorama egg, and someone has closed the latch from the outside.”
I’m Trying to Love Wes Anderson, That Miniaturist Puppet-Master



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