rainny days.

I love rainy days 🙂
today I spent the day with my best friend. I haven’t seen her in a while, we can go on months without talking, but once we start talking its like we never stopped. She’s a med student in Jeddah. Im thankful I get to see her during most vacations. I love how simple our friendship is. Its DRAMA-FREE! Ive heard a lot of stories about friendship, but ours is definitely my favourite! 
I want to change the look of my room. I used to have photos all over my room. Be it postcards, magazine clippings, my own art work etc. But I took them all down last week, I shall tell this story another time. I feel sooooo motivated to do well in school, I want to excel tremendously and make my baba proud. I remember in elementary school, I was at the library most of the time. I shall never forget the first time I laid my eyes on the only book on Nigeria in the library. I WAS SO EXCITED! I couldn’t wait to go home and show it to baba. I often borrowed the book and would read it to baba :’) as a kid, I had this obsession with Ancient Egypt! I wanted to be an archaeologist at a certain point. 
The first time I was off to uni, I wrote a letter to my baba apologising and thanking him for everything, and left it on his bed ( I know, I knooooow, sounds like a scene from a movie) so basically, I was organising his personal folder and I saw that he made a photocopy and kept it there, then kept the original one in his dairy. I CRIED :’) there are no words that can do my emotions any justice! I love my baba❤️ my prayer for him always is that he remains happy, I pray that Allah grants him and mama the highest level of paradise. 2 MORE DAYS AND I GET TO SEE HIM INSHA ALLAH! I CAN NOOOOOOOOT WAIT!
As I was going through my old books, I came across a few baby-sitters club books. My friend Aisha and I read them all the time as kids! It brought back so much nostalgia. 
I already have my eyes on my next book 😀
VIENNA 1814: How the Conquerors of Napoleon Made Love, War, and Peace at the Congress of Vienna By David King

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