Currently Reading – Much Ado About Shakespeare?


Its M O N D A Y 🙂 Im currently reading 

Will in the World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare

by Stephen Greenblatt


Anyone who knows me, knows that Im a HUGE fan of Shakespeare!

Alls Well That Ends Well ♥
Antony And Cleopatra ♥
Hamlet ♥
Julius Caesar ♥
King Lear ♥
Macbeth ♥
The Merchant Of Venice ♥
A Midsummer Nights Dream ♥
Much Ado About Nothing ♥
Othello ♥
Romeo And Juliet ♥
The Tempest ♥
Twelfth Night ♥
I think its kinda funny how most movies are based on Romeo & Juliet. Basically boy meets girl, they fall inlove, something happens, they get separated and in the end they end up together.



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