5 Randoms


  • My favourite colour is grey, but Im rather specific about the kind of grey.
  • I actually really like myself. Im happy that I have all my inner traits, and that I find it so easy to smile. I can’t stay mad at people. I find it impossible to stay mad at people, I always end up getting concerned about them and checking them back in my life
  • I am way too empathetic. I am so easily affected by everything I see and read. And sometimes I feel as though I would be better off if I just didn’t care or know about anything going on in the world. Because whenever I hear about something bad happening over the news it tears me apart and I just get an overwhelming feeling to give the whole world a big hug and love everyone who needs it, and tell people their beautiful and lovely and that they don’t need to do horrible things to each other
  • I am a star baker !!!! 🙂 except for scones. I can’t bake those little shits to save my life their always too hard or I put too much butter. Damn you scones
  • I LOVE JAPAN, and all things Japanese! And yes, eating Ramen does make me Japanese! I love anime, Naruto in particular. I can make basic conversation in Japanese.



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