J’mapelle Muslimah

So here goes, my first post 🙂

 As the title implies, my name is M U S L I M A H. over the years I’ve had so many questions asked concerning my name. some people would go all like yeah yeah we’re all Muslims but what’s your real name. or Muslimahs a beautiful name, but you do have another name right? ..and blah blah blah.

But when you hear my sisters names, you understand that unique names, run in my family. You see, there’s my big sister NUSRAH and my little sister SALSABILA.

 As a kid I would often ask my Mama to read my surah to me (SURAH TAHRIM) because it’s the one that has my name in it, but then again, my name occurs in other verses of the Quran as well, but I should like to think that my name was chosen from this particular surah.



‘’It may be that if he divorced you, his Lord will give him instead of you, wives better than you, Muslims, believers, humble, repentant, worshipping Allah sincerely, inclined toward emigration, previously married and virgin.’’

COMMENTRY: The blessed Verse enumerates six good qualities for good wives which may serve as models for all the Muslims while they intend to ask the hands of women in marriage. Such qualities as enumerated in the blessed Verse deserve attention.

Funny enough, the first time I took French as a course was in my sophomore year of college. At the very beginning I was quite scared, cause I didn’t take French I or II, I started from French III. But it turned out to be one of my favorite courses through out my sophomore year. I ended up getting a B in French III, but the next semester I got an A for French IV, Alhamdulillah (:


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