1O. O8. 2O14

I went to the hospital today, apparently I have malaria and typhoid. So often we take our health for granted, until we fall ill. May Allah increase our health. Alhamdulillah really, it could have been worse. I remain thankful, Alhamdulillah 🙂 Honestly, Islam is beautiful, when your ill, your sins are scrapped off. If only everyone understood the beauty and simplicity of Islam, I think we’d all be Muslims, don’t you reckon?

I still have one whole month of sumer vacation left. I do hope my health permits me to visit Maryam 🙂 I have a LOOOOOOOONG summer reading list. Im a bit of a bibliophile. I absolutely love books! Im always immersing myself in them.
You know that saying, never get attached to people, because they can leave or whatever. I attach a great deal of my happiness to books. They provide an escape for me. Currently Im reading Daughter of an Empire: My Life as a Mountbatten by Lady Pamela Hicks.

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